Monday, December 24, 2007

Harris for Congress - Against the National GOP!

I have just started a new blog, one that I think will be necessary to draw the attention of nationally-known conservatives like Newt Gingrich, who, according to recent information, is planning to endorse Wayne Gilchrest. I need you to visit the site and register your disappointment at this turn of events by clicking on this link and leaving a comment or two:

According to one commenter, our case would be stronger if we provide examples of why Gilchrest is a bad choice for Speaker Gingrich. I have have provided links to some of my Blog posts that point out some of the votes (just some) that have moved me to write and campaign for Andy Harris.

I look forward to reading your comments there and here. Thanks and Christmas wishes to you all!

Mike Netherland


Anonymous said...

YOu really are out of your mind, aren't you.
Newt and Gilchrest are very close personal friends and have been since they served together in Congress, and what ever you might say or write, does not matter to Newt Gingrich one bit.
He is not going to be running for any elected office anytime soon, and so he can say or do what ever he wants.
But, if you must spend your worthless time on bloging Newt on his own site, then go right ahead. By the way, since you are doing it on his site, you are actually helping him drive traffic to his site, thus improving the cache of his website.
Good luck with that.

Mike Netherland said...

Another anonymous critic. Yes I'm really out of my mind for wanting to see Gilchrest spend more time with his grandchildren. I think I made it plain that I didn't care what sort of relationship the two had (see, I'm not completely out of my mind) but that there was a larger issues at stake.

All I want is an explanation. I want Newt or one of his people to say, "Yes, Mr. Netherland, you are correct and it sickens the Speaker to do it. But they are close friends....."

I just want someone to admit that they are abandoning their principles for a ridiculous reason. That there was nothing we could have done to stop it and that Gilchrest has this hold on many other nationally-known conservatives who are lining up right now to shoot us all in the back!

Anonymous said...

Dear no name,
So, lets review: very close friends don't endorse a friends opponet. All presidential canidates in both partys' refer to each other as "my friend", but then go on to attack them.

Newt can do whatever he wants? Then why would you object to Mike's doing whatever he wants?

Mikes' not out of his mind but he does occasionly attrack those who are.

Bill Netherland
Severna Park